We design & build ART.

The essence of architecture design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized.

About Us
About Us

Our Vision

Believing that the construction process is an integrated process, starting from the first lines in the project and ending with the delivery of the key, and that includes the supply of engineering, logistical and administrative services and materials, we established our company on the idea of ​​parallel work between the  design and implementation to reach successful buildings by all standards

We are an engineering studies and construction contracting company based on the integration of all stages of building construction to reach unique designs and distinctive facilities that meet all the needs of our customers, and at the same time we provide all services separately and professionally and in line with customer requirements.

On these foundations, our company was and still providing its services at all levels to a large number of customers in many cities around the world, and the company’s positioning in the city of Istanbul helped with its huge advantages and capabilities.


Yearly Achievements

Before AD ARCH-CON was founded, PMP. M. Arch. AMMAR DUKSI was working as an architectural designer specialized in designing building facades, interior decoration and architectural rendering


AD ARCH-CON was established by PMP. M. Arch. AMMAR DUKSI  in Istanbul, Turkey, and started its work as an integrated engineering services company


  • Initiate construction and implementation services
  • Implementation of the first facade designed by us for a gas station in Istanbul


  • First Hotel Project / Interior Design & Implementation
  • The first residential complex project / interior design and implementation of the entrance, the mockup flat, and the compound facilities.


  • The first residential villa project / engineering studies, visualization and decoration

  • First office project / interior design and implementation


  • Initiate material supplying & exporting services and shipping our first container
  • First commercial project / architectural design and visualization 
  • The first restaurant project / design, implementation and full management
  • First palace design / design, implementation and full management.